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Corporate gifts

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Corporate gifts

Promotional products




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We turn a product into your product

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Familiar challenges?


Can’t choose between all the options? The Internet offers a wide variety of choice. Which products are available? How about the quality? How will you present your product? Which technique? Digital printing, engraving, tampon printing, screen printing, and so on…

Short on time?

Spending hours searching on the internet for the right product is most likely not an option. What other way to find the right product whilst keeping the focus on your core business.


Does your gift meet the quality requirements? Are the products safe, certified or standardized? Do the end products need  a final check or is this my supplier's responsibility? You don’t want to spend additional time afterwards checking your product.

Our solutions

Vd Ven Business Gifts understands your needs and does the work for you!

Unique customization

The purpose is to create a relevant, custom made and perfectly presented product that reflects your business. This enables you to offer a gift to your clients with great pride. 

Very high level of service

We have a wide range of services! From advising to conducting an extensive final inspection based on the agreed requirements. In addition, we can potentially  
support you with logistics, the choice of packaging and the design.  

Close to the source

We distinguish ourselves by purchasing your product as close from the source as possible. Besides the financial benefit, this also results in more expertise and quality advantages along the way as our partner suppliers are able to give input during the entire process

Together we create unique products with impact

Kienhout 35A
5813 CK Ysselsteyn
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)6 - 466 138 38 
Response within 24 hours
Chamber of Commerce: 91576334 / VAT id: NL865700801B01